Scientific studies which confirm our work

Our vision starts in 2015, so 5 years have already passed.
In 2015 we laid the foundations for the project and we did it with professionals, those who inspired all the work, who have been part of the mass market world for many years.
Clearly, a great and valuable contribution has been provided to our studies and obviously, over time, we have also come across other studies.

One of these is the study of the Loyalty Observatory of the University of Parma, which we have started to follow and which, today, is one of the representative points in talking about loyalty and loyalty programs, in Italy, which has now also become an academic voice of great weight.

Reading this study, which we can all do by visiting their site, continues to validate everything about our project, so all their work for how it has been implemented and for the results it has brought to light, is something that makes, again once, and in an even more evident, real and credible way all our work.

And what are the considerations?

Simple, because if we look at the brands and retailers, who have been interviewed and who give a certain type of answers (with reference to 100, for the representative sample of the audience under investigation), more than 2/3, therefore beyond the 66% of the interviewees belong to the consumer goods industry (29.4%).

GDO Grocery (21%) and Retail Non Food (15.7%)… whose total adds up more than 66 percentage points.

Well, in these three sectors, our work of customizing discounts, our work of making the user or customer a unique consumer, thanks to advanced profiling and the study of behavioral models, it is precisely in these sectors that we can directly and vertically drop. , without the need for other various implementations… everything is ready!

So let's talk about the bulk of the work that, of course, can also be good for other sectors and, always obviously, after a necessary customization to implement the characteristics of the basic tables of its Artificial Intelligence.

Our work can therefore look at any type of sector and, in the Retail market and on two thirds of it, which are among the most important, it can already be implemented immediately.

All chapters of: Loyalty 2.0

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