Personalized discounts per customer if we want to evolve

At this point in the discussion, we should understand that our customer is a customer who jumps from one point of sale to another, from one sign to another, because we have enabled him to do this, thanks to loyalty that are ineffective, if not downright inconsistent and, in any case, do not guarantee him any interaction that can actually lead him to be faithful.

We have also seen that, at times, promotional mechanisms, not properly planned, can lead the customer not to move away, but in any case, to prefer other points of sale, within which, to be able to buy what he needs or wants in any case. to take.

We should also remember that, constantly repeated promotions over time, make the price perceived by the customer regress.

So what is the strategy that we have put in place?

Simply put together all the weak points we talked about earlier, to support them with operational solutions, which can lead us to solve them, to lead us beyond the obstacles.

We have obviously developed a whole series of other important features, which are the final derivation of everything we have said so far, and which, in any case, complement our software, the CRM platform and the mobile APP.

In a few, very few words, we can say that we have studied and developed a promotional programming system, fully automatable, based on the individual sales experiences of individual customers, which does not derive only from their own customer experience within the store of reference, but it is much more articulated.

We have classified his purchases, developed his behavioral models, we have verified the purchase hypotheses, methods, timing, loyalty, frequency and many other parameters that have led us to make real scales of value, and they have allowed us to be able to shape behavioral models in order to be able to “sew a tailor-made suit”, that is, to propose personalized promotions for each individual and customer.

This means that we can finally schedule offers for Mario, Filippo and Francesco, where in reality we don't just change the name (like the examples we did previously, where only a name is changed to some emails, but in reality the same for all, or in any case for all the members of a single cluster), but we proceed to many individual promotional proposals, for as many as there are our customers.

All this has a very important impact on the GDPR side considering that, today more than yesterday, the regulations are extremely restrictive, but this is good because today the consumer is fully protected who, in any case, and as we have always seen previously, wants to make their data available.

The 80% of consumers we have seen that it wants to make its data available to ensure that the proposals are personalized, while the only thing it does not want (and none of us would want it), is that behind the taking of this data it is not there is a theft, forcing in acquiring them, wanting them at all costs, putting the defenseless consumer in a corner.

We must always remember that the consumer is that person who we must put in a position to be able to trust us in order to be given, with the greatest possible peace of mind, their personal data in exchange for an absolutely personalized shopping experience, based on their needs and those of the family for which he makes his purchases.

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