There customization of discounts per customer is the new loyalty

In summary, we have seen so far that, in the younger age groups, the desire to share their data is greater so that they can receive personalized offers on their purchasing behavior.
Let's see now, on the GDPR side, therefore in relation to privacy, how things are put, what is the common feeling of people / consumers.
Still with regard to the same research, examined a moment ago, always evaluating the interviewees on the basis of the same age groups, we see how the younger age groups are those who tend to share their data most, however, only when they are aware of what you go there to do.
How do we see it translated? In fact, we can see, in the following table, how the extent of abandonment or less use of social media tends to increase:

We arrive in fact, from the 43% of abandonment up to the 52% of reduction in the first age group (the one that goes from 18 to 24 years), from the 43% of abandonment up to the 48% of reduction in the second group (i.e. the ages ranging from 25 to 35 years) and so to go down.

So, the more we see the age of people increasing, the less they have fears on the GDPR side, on the privacy side ... that is, fears related to the use and use of personal data, in some way transferred, even if in any case the most age groups remain. reluctant to share them.

On the other hand we find the younger ones who, if on the one hand are strongly oriented towards sharing data, on the other hand, as the table shows, they do so as long as the final use of the same is known.

In any case, the most important element, which we would like to emphasize and which greatly supports our work over the years, is the content of the next table, which we will immediately comment on.

The general and constant progress in technologies and tools aimed at profiling people obviously also increases the fear that elements and data may be seen that we do not want to share; the feeling of being tracked and followed is a "bugbear" that certainly frightens many.

The fear of what happens or of how one can be followed or "spied", also because today systems are always listening, such as Google Home, Alexa, Siri, etc., leads to think of a conflict that, on the one hand, experiences a sensation of danger, of being able to be betrayed by what are the technologies (therefore the feeling of danger is related to the risk of making data available that you do not want to make available) on the other side there is, in any case, a clear perception of the need to receive personalized and unique experiences.

This perception is very high.

The age groups ranging from 18 to 24 and from 25 to 35, are both found at 80%.

80 people out of a hundred, in those 2 age groups, have a very high need to personalize user experiences and, if we go towards the 3rd bracket, the one that goes from 36 to 54 years, this perception, even though it decreases by ten points , however, remains very high, settling at 70%.

Then we have the last band, that from 55 to 75 years which, despite being the statistically lowest, is found at 52%.

The average data of the users interviewed, again with regard to the perception of the need for personalization of user experiences, is equal to 71%.

This is the reason why we affirm that this type of research is yet another, one of the most important, which goes to validate all our work over the years, which has led us to create an IT solution that allows us to track the purchases of each single person, in order to create a real "One is One" behavioral model ... "One is One" ... because we really believe that each individual makes history in its own right and, the answer to our statement is also, as we have seen, in the results of this table, also in this interview and its salient points, as it follows the same direction that we have followed and that we have used as a "guide" to write our software.

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