Customer loyalty: the numbers in Italy and in the world

We have finally arrived at the data of Italy, therefore, the question that we must ask ourselves and, which is often asked of us, is how we are placed in Italy on this point and compared to other countries.
First of all we must not make a comparison on this point but on three points which are then the 3 points that we faced in the previous video / chapter and that we are going to summarize:
1. I have to ask myself if I am investing the right amount to keep up with the market;
2. I have to ask myself if I am using the correct tools and in step with the times;
3. I have to understand if I am investing in a targeted way or I am distributing my resources to rain on everyone

For what concern point number 1 we can say "absolutely not", as they represent an investment generally comprised between 1% and 2% of maximum turnover and, therefore, certainly much less than what the most advanced operators are already putting in place today, in terms of resources .

Therefore, if we continued to invest resources measured in these terms (1/2 % of turnover) we would be faced with a gap that will increase more and more.

If we pass to the point number 2, we would say "absolutely not" as fidelity cards are used only for a mere mechanical function (for the recognition of your customer), so we are aware that our customers migrate from point of sale to point of sale, they buy the same in multiple points of sale products depending on who sells them in promotion.

We are also aware that they have everyone's loyalty cards, we are also aware that we do nothing to change this state of affairs and, we are also aware that we do not build any promotional policy aimed at consumer needs.

In fact, when we do promotions aimed at loyalty card holders we know that always the same promotion, or rather the same group of promotions, are made available for all holders of a fidelity card so, if we have a redemption of the 70% of holders, we have fact proposed to the 70% of our customers the same promotion or the same group of promotions (the statistical data says that fidelity card holders ranges from 50 to 80% of customers: the answer to the question is "absolutely not", we are not using correct tools and in step with the times.

Are we investing in a targeted way or are we distributing the resources at a rain?

Absolutely not, we are not operating in a targeted way and all the actions that are implemented prove it, that is, the promotions are usual and repetitive, there is no personalized loyalty policy on the user / customer / consumer.

When we talk about personalized promotions on the user / consumer / customer we mean the single user, the single person, because thinking of clustering our customers in 2, 3, 5 or 7 groups always means making a rain policy, because if we have 100,000 customers we cannot think of them in 10 containers (clusters) of 10,000 customers each, but we must think of arriving, sooner or later, to put each individual at the center of our attention.
Each individual, not the individual, because each individual customer has his own behavioral model, his own purchasing model, therefore what we are doing today, to respond to point number 3 is that we are continuing to carry out all absolutely tactical and non-strategic operations which, instead, aim at the long term.

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