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Each application that your customers will download from the APPLE or iOS stores will be marked with your logo, as well as the main control panel. If you do not have the logos we can provide you with a small additional cost and if you want we can take care of registering your company trademark through our law firm. To better understand the services we can provide and the related costs, go to the services and costs page where you will find all the information you may need.


If you want to give your customers the possibility to pay by credit cards directly via the internet, you will need to create 2 accounts, one for PayPal and one for STRIPE which are two of the major online payment managers and also with proven security. This is a confidential operation that you will have to carry out in complete autonomy and then go and enter your personalized code in the APP. For our part, we will be able to dedicate you assistance and support remotely to facilitate you in the operation that you will do yourself.


Any person or organization that processes other people's data must comply with specific legal obligations, under penalty of potential high penalties. Also in your case you will have to do it and each of your customers who will install the mobile APP will have to accept your conditions relating to the GDPR Privacy Therefore, if you do not already have one or if you do not have a reference consultant to be able to prepare it, you can also contact us who are ultimately a certified partner of IUBENDA, a world leader in this sector. Go to the services and costs page. 


The whole internet world is now full of low or dubious cost services that are often provided for free and then charge additional surcharges in case you want to use the real working versions, but it is also full of those who, not knowing what to do or what they need, they download and install everything just for the fun of it or without a specific goal. For our part, the service we provide is of very high added value and with a powerful, safe infrastructure that needs to be maintained continuously. We only want customers who choose us because we can give them value! We therefore prefer to discard regardless of all those who would like our APPs just for fun or curiosity to give all the service, know-how and our commitment to those who really want to work through us too. For this reason, making an advance payment will discourage the categories we talked about before requesting the activation of the APP as they already know that they will not use it later.


We are developers and have our account on both Google Play Store and Apple Store, so we will publish the APP with YOUR name under our store. If you want us to open an account on the respective stores in your name, we can still do so. Go to the services and costs page


Most frequent questions and answers

YES ours is ALSO a eCommerce, because in reality it is a customer engagement system which, to define ONLY eCommerce is a little reductive.

Discover all the features that will help your business.

Yes! The APP is customized with your logo, has its own directory on the server and has its own space, YOUR SPACE FOR YOUR APP.

Your customers will be able to download it from the Google or Apple store.

Once your FREE activation request has been accepted, for 12 months you can use the APP and the control panel without limitations in all the functions that are activated.

At the end of the 12 months, you can choose whether to continue using it by paying a small fee, or you can terminate your account.

Through the control panel that is provided to you and from which you can manage all the functions activated and that communicate directly with the mobile APP that your customers download

NO. We are talking about a web platform that has a mobile APP for Android and IOs connected to it, so no fear and nothing to install on your PC or server.

You don't have to worry about anything as we take care of everything. Whenever there are updates, additions and improvements (and there will be many…) you will always work with the latest version of both the platform and the mobile application. Any software, APP or platform upgrade is always included in the price.

Because our proprietary 4BXR algorithm processes i Big Data coming from yours loyalty cards or from the historians you have at your disposal, maybe even from your eCommerce, and it goes to stimulate every single customer / consumer according to their needs, building a continuous iteration.

Above all to the GDO / DO (Large Organized Distribution and Organized Distribution) both in the FOOD sector and in other sectors such as HOME, DIY, ELECTRONICS, CLOTHING, FOOTWEAR but also in physical and Natural Shopping Centers, as well as in department stores.

Obviously also to any type of eCommerce.


We provide the APP eCommerceVolution with almost all functions (except the PERSONALIZED DISCOUNTS and the functions connected to them) which are FREE for a full year and then, without obligation of renewal, can be purchased for a small annual fee.

If we talk about the function relating to CUSTOMIZED DISCOUNTS that we can provide both on a fixed fee and on % on the generated turnover, let's say that the Return on Investment (ROI) is proportional to the numbers that are generated and to the basic numbers of your business.

It is certainly not a suitable application for those who have low turnover or who have few customers to their credit but in any case it is always better to also have our opinion before leaving.

Because at the time of writing, December 20, 2020, no one other than us has developed a complex business intelligence system based on artificial intelligence that takes care on your behalf to create targeted promotional campaigns "for each consumer" ... YES ... 100,000 customers correspond to 100,000 different proposals each of which targeted on the basis of each individual customer!

Why the fidelity card as we know it today it is an outdated tool and a waste of resources.

Think about it: each of us has loyalty cards of every type of business in his wallet (physical or electronic) so, depending on the store we are in, we extract our beautiful fidelity card to have the corresponding value credited. .

This means that it is no longer loyal, as we do not go to the shop because it gives us an added value, but because something else is convenient for us and, at the time of paying, we get that plus (which in reality is now only a gratification) that in any case it was not the main element for which we chose that store.

Our tool, on the other hand, allows you to program customized actions for each individual customer as well as to make your relationship with him interactive and for this reason it will trigger a TRUE loyalty mechanism so that, when the customer comes to shop from you (or in your eCommerce ) will do it because he has chosen you and not because something else suits him ...

Simple, as each individual user (shop or chain of shops) will have the opportunity to carry out the setup within the control panel where he can set all the guidelines of his commercial policy ... these are really many parameters ... they would first meet two grains of sand rather than finding another one who has set the same things ... 

Through the Mobile APP for Android / IOs which is included in the package of services we offer and which you will need for the many interactions with your customers, of course, who have downloaded and registered

Of course, we provide the APP and all the control panel connected to it FREE OF CHARGE FOR 12 MONTHS AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION TO RENEW. Then you can decide to pay a small fee to continue using the service or you can stop everything.

Since we incur costs for each activated application, we reserve the right to terminate the account if it is not used as well as we reserve the right to accept every single free activation proposal as we first want to verify that the commercial activity that is registering is in line with our specifications (must be a business that sells to the public).

We only want satisfied customers.

For this reason we do not place constraints and we talk to everyone.

We will leave you free to decide how to change what you think and stop everything without notice and at any time.

We would still like to be able to speak with any customer who wants to stop the service to find out if there is anything we can improve, but the greatest freedom of action is always guaranteed.

The only thing you need is internet access; everything travels in the cloud so you don't have to worry about anything.

An account, a license, also because you will process potentially sensitive data subject to GDPR regulation.

Obviously the account and password are strictly personal and issued to the person who will have been indicated.

To have additional licenses we can grant them at the cost indicated on the pricing page.

No more than you already have today.

In order to process the data of your fidelity cards or your ecommerce you already have the obligation to comply with a series of regulations.

Our integrated system will allow you to import all your data using maximum security and encryption.

However, you will need to use the data according to the specifications signed by your customers when they granted you the authorization.

In any case, we will be able to help you even if you have to re-subscribe to the adjustments to the GDPR using our online procedures or our consultancy for compliance with the legislation.

When the user registers, he is subjected to your privacy policy (which you have already uploaded to the system) so when he registers the application he will be asked to accept all or part of the compliance in order to move forward.

This means that if you have to comply with the GDPR you can also safely use our application to do so.

If you do not already have the Privacy Policy available or you have to adapt to the legislation, you can provide it yourself or take advantage of our advice.

As once you have imported all the data necessary for its operation, our proprietary 4BXR algorithm will do the rest by literally learning from your customers' behaviors and evaluating what to do in terms of proposals and more.

It is understood that the data is encrypted and that in no way will the individual data and any sensitive data (for advanced profiling) be known as the whole system works with the codes of your fidelity cards or your customer codes for ecommerce.

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