How to defend customers and business from competition

Here, immediately after these words, maybe you can think ... but which side are you on?
Or ... what do you talk about?
But do you by any chance want all the achievements made on the consumer side to be thrown away?
Absolutely not!

We too are consumers, I myself am a very careful consumer, I use comparators, I always want to pay the lowest price for the same product, but of course we are also business consultants, therefore, we obviously also think from the side of both manufacturing and distributing companies and therefore we must as a rule do the math for both parties.
Every time we approach a problem, we verify it in every aspect and we always put ourselves in the shoes of the counterpart. We must therefore always consider and keep an eye on everything also because we often ask ourselves:
  • Is it still worth doing promotional activities in this way?
  • It is still convenient for a consumer to jump from one store to another, physical or virtual that is, to buy the product you need at the cheapest price?
  • Is it still worthwhile to have loyalty programs available and in place that do not give and do not lead to almost any loyalty on the part of our consumers?
  • Do we want to continue shredding tons of printed paper when we talk about flyers?
  • Even though we are aware that a large percentage of total printed flyers are thrown away without even being opened, do we still want to keep printing so many?
  • For all these questions, we are sure that continuing to follow the old path is the only possibility ... "have we always done so and did it go well?"

It is necessary to move forward.

On the other hand, if we look to Amazon, the same does not make flyers and yet it grows exaggeratedly ... it has developed all online and yet it grows exponentially ...

At this point we have to ask ourselves some questions and we have to consider if what we use and which represents our scheme for growth is still current, if it needs to be modified or integrated.

Will we all have to go the same way? Will we all have to go towards e-commerce, perhaps staying on Amazon or on the Facebook store?

Because Amazon (which will excuse us for what we say), will lead everyone to close and does not represent the example that must be followed, on the contrary, it is necessary to find ways to escape from what, like a black hole, swallows every form of matter until it reaches the light itself, ultimately leading to the cessation of entire forms of activity.

Surely, with all these statements, we are aware that we are wavering other certainties but wanting to refer to an interview of mine in May 2020 we must also bring this example that we now present to you:

We searched (on Google) for a window canopy, a washing machine hose and a portable hard drive.

Let's discover the research together ...

Unsurprisingly, we found the organic results (ie the unpaid results) of all three searches in the first place none other than… Amazon!

We then see that there are other operators who pay (therefore who use AdWords which over time costs and will cost more and more) and in fact, the other competitors we find them, on display, but in the sponsored content (therefore for a fee).

Amazon therefore no longer has to think of allocating important sums to appear, as it has already become such an authoritative source as to be on the front page and in the first position with an infinite number of keywords, which the owner of a simple commercial site electronic never could.

Amazon just publishes the card of a new product to see the most relevant keywords of that page skip, in the first position (or at most in the second), in most cases.

There are operators who crowd around, queue up to be able to sell on its marketplace, but when we should be aware that doing this means entering a dead end tunnel ... that is, the war at the last price ... why? Because the seller who is put in first position is always the one who reports the best price !!

Who among you would buy the same product at a higher price? You would do it only according to the positive reviews at the store… but if all the sellers with the best reviews, from the 97% upwards, have the lowest price, why would you prefer to buy at a higher price? ... (see in the example given)

Now let's go back to our reasoning, to all the questions we generally ask ourselves and from here we need to really understand what we really need, what tools and what innovations we need, to get to build a new growth policy that is sustainable in the time, it prevents us from being "swallowed up by black holes", but still allows us to defend our market and our conquered leadership.

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