Amazon and the data: allegations of unfair practices in use

It is well known that Amazon has now a predominant position in the world of commerce, as well as in other fields it is fast becoming a market leader.
This is already the case in the cloud world, read Amazon Web Services, as it provides services all over the world and is now one of the few operators to guarantee unlimited space and computing power.

As for the absolute danger of this colossus, we have been talking about it for some time and we must recognize that we are not alone in that, for some time, Amazon has been at the center of reflections by many and different subjects:

  • Communication operators
  • Economists
  • Trade associations

In our own small way we talk about it in these articles that deal with Amazon and more generally with world developments eCommerce is customer loyalty that we have summarized inside the container called Loyalty 2.0, but in any case we have treated just in relation to Amazon, a great and fitting example like the one that concerned FedEx, and the termination of the consolidated relationship with Amazon.

Today we are putting a different but equally important and key theme for reflection: how analytics and knowledge of them are fundamental to guide choices.

We are talking about Big Data and Big Data Management, topics that cannot (from a technical point of view) be addressed by anyone.

Amazon, on the other hand, can.

Amazon has the infrastructure and skills to be able to easily work on big data and on the analytics connected to them with ease.

If we think about it, all the thousands and thousands of sellers who operate through its platform, passing through it, "give" precious data or parts of it that the largest marketplace in the world could try to use for its own benefit or for the benefit of those to whom he wants to give preference.

Obviously, to make some considerations, we should have all the contracts that are signed where the conditions to which the data are submitted are present and where all the management and processing cases should be clearly explained.

Precisely on this last point the two investigations initiated by the European Commission and in particular, as declared by the vice-president of the commission itself as well as European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, it would seem that the eCommerce giant has been formally indicted for improper use of data, precisely in order to favor its activities.

The second survey, on the other hand, is concerned with verifying that no improprieties have been committed in the world of offers which, according to the law, could have reserved preferential treatment to those who would have used the logistics services of the company itself.

The commission has already come to the conclusion that, in relation to the abuse of the predominant position of its position, an infringement has already been committed both in Germany and in France.

You can read the whole article on Handle to this address.

In our case, we limit ourselves to making simple considerations that are in line with our more general thinking on Amazon but also on all the great giants of the eCommerce world.

Also in this case the "alleged victims" are commercial activities that have seen fit to "solve" their problems and digitize themselves using the shortest and simplest way, that is to sell their products through Amazon.

Today it is about Amazon, and we are talking about data that has been misused, tomorrow we will talk about something else, but in any case, we should keep in mind that every marketplace of this size is playing its own game of Risk (for those who know or still remember it), where, the ultimate goal is to conquer more territories in the game and more market shares in real life.

Companies must necessarily remedy their lack of digitalization now, taking into account that they must NOT make war on the big giants on the same level as they would certainly lose the war.

Customer service e customer loyalty instead they must be the imperative that guides investments and strategies for a Successful eCommerce, perhaps using products like ours (find out why you should need a system like eCommerceVolution) in order to face the present and future challenges in the world of eCommerce and traditional commerce

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